About Us

About Us

President: Gary Potts
(626) 585-7520

Secretary: Jennifer Jung
(626) 585-710

Rep 1: Vacant

Rep 3: Vacant
(626) 585-7714 C203
Rep 5: Anna Davis
(626) 585-
Vice President: Julio Huerta
(626) 585-7377

Treasurer: Pat Krause
(626) 585-

Rep 2: Cynthia George
(626) 585-

Rep 4: Vacant
(626) 585-

CFT Field Representative
Carolyn Richie:
Officer Info.
We, the women and men employed in classified service at Pasadena City College, in order to promote democratic processes at all levels of public service and to function in that service as free working women and men, recognizing that almost every improvement in the condition of employees has been accomplished by their organized effort, do hereby enter into association with and agree to adopt this Constitution as an instrument for concerned action in the interests of its members
In entering into this employee association and in adopting these By-Laws, this bargaining agent declares that it shall not collectively or individually discriminate against or cause or countenance any discrimination against any individual by reason of such individual's race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, or political persuasions.