President: Gary POTTS LL-126
Vice President: Patricia KRAUSE C203
Secretary: Denise ALBRIGHT L-107
Treasurer: Julio HUERTA LL-126

Representative 1: Debbie Smith LL-149

Representative 2: Haroldine GARDNER C-145

Representative 3: Jeff WOJCIK LL-149

Representative 4: Peter BENSON B-210

Representative 5: Han DAO L-114a
CONSTITUTION of the PCC-CFT, Local 6525
We, the women and men employed in classified service at Pasadena City College, in order to promote democratic processes at all levels of public service and to function in that service as free working women and men, recognizing that almost every improvement in the condition of employees has been accomplished by their organized effort, do hereby enter into association with and agree to adopt this Constitution as an instrument for concerned action in the interests of its members.
In entering into this employee association and in adopting these By-Laws, this bargaining agent declares that it shall not collectively or individually discriminate against or cause or countenance any discrimination against any individual by reason of such individual's race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, or political persuasions.
I.1:             This organization shall be known as the Pasadena Council of Classified – California Federation of Teachers (PCC-CFT), Local 6525.
I.2:             The jurisdiction of this unit shall embrace all those non-supervisory, non-confidential classified employees at Pasadena City College who are not covered by other recognized bargaining agents. Functioning within the statutes of the State of California and the Public Employee Relations Board, PCC-CFT is certified as the exclusive bargaining agent for the clerical/technical employees of Pasadena City College. As such, PCC-CFT shall serve as the official representative body in relations between its membership and the Pasadena City College Administration and Board of Trustees on employment matters, specifically wages, hours, and working conditions, and in matters of grievances, disciplinary actions and other such actions as necessary to protect the well being of PCC-CFT members.
II.1:            The Instructional Support Services Unit shall work in a democratic manner to organize, support, and advance the cause of specified members of the classified staff at Pasadena City College. Specifically, PCC-CFT shall:
II.1.a:            work to protect and improve the wages, hours, and working conditions of its members.
II.1.b:            foster an environment based on unity, respect, collegiality, and mutual endeavor between its members and all other persons, both employees and students, at Pasadena City College.
II.1.c:            support and uphold the rights of all members of our community, regardless of religion, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or political beliefs.
III.1:           Any person who is employed as a monthly, salaried classified employee of the Pasadena Area Community College District in a clerical/technical classification, who is not a confidential or management employee, and who is not a member of any other recognized bargaining unit shall be represented by lSSU and shall be eligible for active-membership in the organization.
III.2:           An eligible employee becomes an active member of PCC-CFT when-he/she signs a membership application and pays PCC-CFT membership dues.
III.2.a:           Yearly membership dues shall be established by the PCC-CFT Board, subject to ratification by the active membership at the next general meeting following Board action and before the new dues collection is implemented.
III.2.b:           Only active (dues-paying) members may vote to ratify the PCC-CFT contract, to elect PCC-CFT officers, or on any other matter brought to a vote of the membership.
  1. 3:           An employee's active membership will be terminated:
III.3.a:           if that employee fails to pay dues under conditions established by the PCC-CFT Board.
III.3.b:           if that employee chooses to terminate membership pursuant to Article 4.VI. of the PCC-CFT Agreement.
III.3.c:           if that employee terminates employment in the district or promotes to a classification or position outside the jurisdiction of the bargaining unit.
  1. 4:           Rights of Membership
III.4.a:           Every active member has the right to serve as an officer of the. Association, serve on committees, and receive any benefits that may accrue to the general membership.
III.4.b:           Every member has the right to representation by the association in disciplinary actions instituted by the District.
III.4.c:           Every member has the right to consideration of representation by the association on grievances suffered by the member.
IV.1:          The officers of PCC-CFT shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary/Elections Coordinator, Treasurer/Membership Coordinator, and five (5) Representatives. One Representative (#1) shall be the immediate past president.
IV.2:          The nine (9) officers of PCC-CFT shall constitute the PCC-CFT Executive Board, hereafter referred to as the Board.
IV.3:          Duties of the officers and of the PCC-CFT Board shall be those which are customary for these positions and shall be enumerated in the By-Laws.
  1. 4:          Vacancies:
IV.4.a:          Inability of the past president to serve shall constitute a vacancy in the position of Representative #1 which will be filled by an active member appointed by the PCC-CFT Board subject to ratification by the active membership at the next regular membership meeting or special general membership meeting.
IV.4.b:          Vacancies in any other Board office not provided for in the By-laws to this Constitution shall be filled by an active member appointed by the PCC-CFT Board, subject to ratification by the active membership at the next general membership meeting or special general membership meeting, to serve until the next regularly scheduled election for that office.
IV.4.c:          An office shall be declared vacant when the officer terminates employment in the district or promotes to a classification or position outside the jurisdiction of the association.
  1. 1:           Standing committees shall consist of:
V.1.a:           Representatives committee
V.1.b:           Legislative/Civil Rights committee
V.1.c:           Negotiations Support Committee
V.1.d:           Bylaws committee
V.2:           Ad Hoc Committees to carry out the work of the Bargaining unit shall be established by vote of the Board.
V.2.a:           The President shall appoint members in good standing to serve on Ad Hoc Committees from the membership .;:.
V.2.b: Appointments will be reported to the general membership for their confirmation
VI.1:          PCC-CFT Board meetings shall be held at least once a month and shall be open to all PCC-CFT members.
VI.1.a:          A quorum of the PCC-CFT Board shall consist of five (5) of the (9) members.
VI.2:          PCC-CFT General meetings shall be held for the purpose of discussing/ratifying the PCC-CFT contract, or discussing/voting on other relevant matters of PCC-CFT. A general meeting shall be held no less than once each two months.
VI.2.a:          General meetings may be called by the president of PCC-CFT, by a majority of the members of the PCC-CFT Board, or by a petition signed by 10% of the active members of the unit.
VI.2.b:          The president of PCC-CFT or designee shall preside over General meetings.
VI.2.c:          Meeting Announcements.
VI2.c.1:        Advance notice of General meetings will be made to all PCC-CFT members and shall include an agenda of those items to be discussed or acted upon.
VI.2.c.2:       Notification of Special Meetings will be made in writing to all members at least 6 working days in advance of the meeting and shall include the Agenda for the meeting. No business may be conducted at a Special Membership meeting that is not a part of the agenda accompanying the announcement of the meeting.
VI.2.d:          A quorum for an PCC-CFT General meeting shall consist of a quorum of the Board and ten (10) other active members.
VII.1:         Only active (dues-paying) members of PCC-CFT are eligible to serve as officers of the PCC-CFT Board.
VII.2:         Officers of the PCC-CFT Board shall be erected by a majority of the votes cast by active members in a secret-ballot election.
VII.2.a:         Elections shall take place within the first twelve (12) weeks of the commencing of the spring semester.
VII.2.b:         The elections shall be supervised throughout by the Secretary/Elections Coordinator and an elections committee appointed by the PCC-CFT Board. No candidate for office may serve on the election committee with the exception of the Secretary/Elections Coordinator, whose constitutional job requires such service unless designated to another member.
  1. 3:         Term of Office
VII.3.a:         All PCC-CFT officers shall serve two-year terms, and may be re-elected for one (1) additional consecutive term. An officer may run for a different office after completing the stipulation of this article.
VII.3.b:         The President, the Vice-President, and Representatives #2 and #3 shall be elected in even-numbered years.
VII.3.c:         The Secretary/Elections Coordinator, the Treasurer/Membership Coordinator, and Representatives #4 and #5 shall be elected in odd-numbered years.
VII.3.d:         Upon initial ratification of this Constitution and By-laws, an election shall be held for all Board officers; those offices normally up for election in the fall semester immediately following ratification shall not be up for election until the subsequent regularly scheduled election for those offices.
VII.3.e:         New officers shall attend PCC-CFT Board meetings as officers-elect beginning with the next regularly scheduled meeting of the PCC-CFT Board. They shall begin their term of office at the commencing of the summer intersession.
VII.3.f:          If an election takes place while contract negotiations are in progress, the PCC-CFT negotiating team shall continue as constituted until the current negotiations are completed.
  1. 4:         Recall  
VII.4.a:         Upon presentation to the PCC-CFT Board of a petition signed by one-fifth (1/5) of the active members requesting that an PCC-CFT Board member or a Negotiating Team member be subject, to a recall election, the recall proposal shall be publicized to all active members within five (5) working days. An accompanying memorandum shall ask for any written statements from active members relative to the recall proposal. The proposal, along with a reprint of the statements received, shall be submitted to the active membership for vote by secret ballot, at a special general membership meeting within fifteen (15) working days after the publication of the proposal. The proposal shall be effective, and the officer or negotiating team member shall be recalled, with a two-thirds approval vote of the active members voting.
VII.4.a.1:         A list of active members and their work stations shall be made available upon request for use in recall actions.
VIII.1:        The authority to bargain collectively for the organization shall be vested in a Negotiating Team which will be selected by the PCC-CFT Board under procedures to be determined by the Board.
VIII.1.a:        The number of persons serving on the negotiating team shall be determined by Article 3.VII! of the PCC-CFT Agreement.
VIII.1.b:        The Board shall select the members of the Negotiating Team from their own members, or from the active membership if so desired by the Board. In all cases, the President of the PCC-CFT Board shall be a member of the Negotiating Team.
VllI.2:        The PCC-CFT Board and the Negotiating Team shall recruit from the active membership, or consider requests from active members to serve on, a Negotiations Support Committee. Negotiations Support Committee members shall be a p-art of off-table discussions and decisions, and may attend negotiating sessions as observers, on their own time.
VIII.3:        Negotiating positions shall be developed in a democratic manner with the open participation of all PCC-CFT members.
VIII.4:        The Negotiating Team may not negotiate with the District without the knowledge and consent of the membership. The Negotiating Team must report back to the membership on a timely and regular basis about the progress of negotiations and receive the advice and consent of the members.
VIII.5:        The result of any collective bargaining negotiations shall be subject to ratification by active members, with sufficient notice to the membership.
IX.1:          An amendment to this Constitution may be proposed by a two-thirds majority vote of the PCC-CFT Board or by a petition signed by 15 per cent of the active members of PCC-CFT.
IX.1.a:          Such constitutional amendment shall require approval of two thirds of the active members of PCC-CFT who vote on ratification.
IX.1.b:          At least five (5) working days shall intervene between introduction to members of the proposed amendment and a final vote on ratification.
  1. 2:          An amendment to the By-laws may be proposed by a majority vote of the lSSU Board or by a petition signed by 10 percent of the active members of PCC-CFT:
IX.2.a:          Such amendment to the By-laws shall require approval of a majority of the active members who vote on ratification.
IX.2.b:          At least five (5) working days shall intervene between introduction to members of the proposed amendment and a final vote on ratification.