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They are two different things: Grievances are defined by the unionís contract and are usually handled between the member and the manager. Complaints can be a grievances (something regarding the provisions of the contract) if the matter is not resolved and it becomes a PCC policy or procedure violation.

A complaint is usually a violation of District policy or procedure, the Ed code, or state or federal law, which is handled by HR.
Per Fiscal Services and Payroll the dues are take out for 10 months only. There is a skip for the months of July and August. The dues are 1.1% of your monthly base salary.
YES, a PCC-CFT represented employee may use sick time for a Doctorís appointment. Additionally, the employee may pre-schedule the sick in the Kronos Program (2014-2017 PCC-CFT Contract, Article 14)
What are some of the Benefit changes?
Are my dues taken out for 10 or 12 months?
Can I use sick leave for a Doctors appointment?
Do I have a Grievance or Complaint?
Due to the district changing the Benefit Insurance broker(Keenen) to SICI, there are a few changes affective October 1, 2017
Benefit changes affective
October 1, 2017
Grievance Forms
Complaint Forms