BY-LAWS of the PCC Instructional Support Services Unit
  1. 1:                The President shall:
I.1.a:          preside over meetings of the PCC-CFT Board and the unit membership and shall be responsible for planning the agenda for such meetings.
I.1.b:          appoint chairpersons for committees or study groups, subject to the approval of the Board.
I.1.c:          represent PCC-CFT , when appropriate, with the Administration and the Board of Trustees of the college.
I.1.d:          countersign with the Treasurer all checks and requisitions.
  1. 2:                The Vice-president shall:
I.2.a:          assist the President in carrying out the duties of the President.
I.2.b:          assume the duties and authority of the President in the absence or disability of the President and shall assume the office of the President if vacated for any reason.
I.2.c:          be responsible for the publishing and distribution of a membership newsletter an approximately monthly basis.
  1. 3:                The Secretary/Elections Coordinator shall:
I.3.a:          carry out any correspondence required for the business of the unit.
I.3.b:          keep an up-to-date record of minutes of Board and PCC-CFT General Meetings. 
I.3.c:          subject to the oversight of the PCC-CFT Board, serve as chairperson of the Elections Committee, and, as such,  coordinate and supervise the yearly PCC-CFT Board elections. The Secretary shall also coordinate balloting for contract ratification and all other issues brought before the PCC-CFT membership.
I.3.d:          assume the duties and authority of the Vice-president in the absence or disability of the Vice- president and shall assume the office of the Vice-president if vacated for any reason.
  1. 4:                The Treasurer/Membership Coordinator shall:
I.4.a:          have official custody of all PCC-CFT funds, maintaining them in an account at a financial institution.
I.4.b:          exercise general supervision over the receipt and disbursement of PCC-CFT funds.
I.4.b.1:         All disbursements shall be authorized by the Board.
I.4.b.2:         An itemized account shall be kept of all receipts and disbursements.
I.4.b.3:         The Treasurer shall (together with the President) sign all association checks and requisitions.
I.4.c:          head periodic drives for membership and keep an up-to-date record of the active membership of PCC-CFT .
l.4.d:          prepare and submit an annual financial report to PERB and a quarterly report to the membership.
  1. 5:                The Representatives shall:
I.5.a:          upon request, counsel, assist, and represent unit employees in matters pertaining to the PCC-CFT Agreement, including disciplinary actions and grievances.
I.5.b:          research, review, and report to the Board on contract-related matters as necessary.
I.5.c:          represent the General Membership in the deliberations of the PCC-CFT Board.
I.5.d:          head a Representatives Committee, comprised of a representative number of active members, who shall receive appropriate representation training.
1.5.e:        act as general trustees of the financial affairs of the unit.
  1. 1:               ThePCC-CFT Board shall:
II.1.a:         interpret and administer for the general membership the provisions contained in all Articles of the PCC-CFT Agreement.
II.1.b:         set dues, and manage the property and financial affairs of the unit
II.1.c:         interpret the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws as required and ensure that all components of the unit are acting in accord with them.
II.1.d:         write such standing rules as may be needed to provide for smooth operation of the unit.
II.1.e:         conduct and oversee elections according to procedures developed by the Board.
II.1.f:          authorize establishment of committees or study groups of the unit and approve appointment of chairpersons.
II.1.g:         appoint official representatives of the union to campus-wide committees where appropriate or requested, and to conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.
II.1.h:        appoint the required number of persons to serve on the PCC-CFT negotiating team. text.