There are many changes to our benefits plans for the upcoming plan year and you are encouraged to read the attached Open Enrollment Packet thoroughly.

Below is the 2017-18 Open Enrollment Welcome letter sent to you in a previous email. Please note that 2017-18 Benefits Open

Enrollment packet has been mailed to your home address (to the address on file with Human Resources.)
Welcome Letter

Dear PCC family,
PCC’s annual Open Enrollment for health and welfare benefits is August 21, 2017 through September 15, 2017. There are many changes and enhancements to our benefits for the upcoming benefit plan year resulting from new partnerships with Self-Insured Schools of California for medical; Alameda County Schools Group for dental; EyeMed for vision; and Voya for life, AD&D and long-term disability.
Enclosed you will find the 2017-18 enrollment packet. Please review the enrollment packet carefully as it contains all the information you will need to enroll.
As a result of our new partnerships and enhanced benefits, all fulltime PCC employees and eligible retirees are required to actively enroll in benefits during this Open Enrollment.
As part of Open Enrollment, you will be required to provide supporting documentation for your dependents such as birth certificates. Please note that there has been a change in the required supporting documentation for married employees. To include your spouse as a dependent, you must provide your 2016 IRS income tax forms (only front and signature page – financial information may be redacted/blacked-out). Marriage licenses/certificates will ONLY be accepted for employees married for less than one year and who have not yet filed their IRS Income taxes.
Failure to actively enroll during the Open Enrollment will result in PCC having no data on your benefits choices and may result in no coverage or a delay in coverage for you and/or dependents for the next plan - October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018.
For the first time in PCC history, in addition to enrolling via paper forms, you will be able to enroll in benefits online using our new benefits management software – PlanSource. You will still be able to enroll via paper forms (see enclosed).

Five open enrollment meetings and two webinars (see enclosed schedule) have been scheduled to assist you with understanding and enrolling in your benefits. In addition, PCC’s annual health fair is set for September 6, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on the Main Campus where representatives from each carrier and PCC Benefits staff will be available to answer your questions.

Important Takeaways:
• You MUST actively choose your benefits and enroll during this Open Enrollment period.
• You risk loss or delay in coverage if you do not actively enroll in benefits.
• Regardless if you have provided supporting documentation to PCC in the past, you MUST provide/submit supporting documentation for ALL dependent(s) you are enrolling during this Open Enrollment period.
• If married, you must provide 2016 IRS Income Tax documentation (Front and signature page only – financial information may be redacted/blacked-out).
• Lack of supporting documentation will result in your dependent(s) NOT being enrolled in benefits.
• You may enroll ONLINE at www.plansource.com/login or PAPER FORMS (enclosed).
• Open Enrollment is August 21, 2017 – September 15, 2017.

Should you have questions, please contact all HR/Benefits at (626) 585-7719 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday or by email at

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